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+++ title = “{{ replace .TranslationBaseName “-” “ ” | title }}” date = {{ .Date }} description = “This text was generated using the default post archetype.” draft = true toc = false categories = [“hacking”] tags = [“after”, “dark”] images = [ “” ] # overrides site-wide open graph image +++

Before you continue please take a moment to customize your post archetype. Your post archetype is located in the following file relative to your site: archetypes/

If the file does not exist yet, create it by copying from the After Dark default:

$ cp themes/after-dark/archetypes/ archetypes/

Once copied, edit your new to remove the text you see here then use it go generate a new post for your site:

$ hugo new post/

Use archetypes to establish sensible defaults when generating content for your {{< external rel=“help” target=“help” href=“http://localhost:1414/feature/custom-layouts” text=“Custom Layouts” />}}.

Visit {{< external target=“help” href=“” text=“Archetypes in Hugo” />}} to learn more about them.

{{< hackcss-alert type=“info” >}} This text appears below the {{< external target=“help” href=“” text=“Summary Split” />}}. {{< /hackcss-alert >}}

After Dark ships with a {{< external rel=“help” target=“help” href=“http://localhost:1414/feature/module-system” text=“Module System” />}} and provides several {{< external rel=“help” href=“” text=“prebuilt modules” />}} designed to enhance your site.

Shown here, an animation made possible with the {{< external rel=“help” target=“help” href=“http://localhost:1414/module/fractal-forest” text=“Fractal Forest” />}} module:

BPG animation example

Fractal Forest gives After Dark the ability to render images encoded using Fabrice Bellard’s {{< external href=“” target=“help” text=“BPG Image format” />}} and comes preinstalled for sites created using the {{< external rel=“help” target=“help” href=“” text=“Quick Installer” />}}.

To learn more about Fractal Forest and other modules available, in addition to the many features available in After Dark please spend some time reviewing the {{< external rel=“help” target=“help” href=“https://localhost:1414/feature/online-help” text=“Online Help” documentation before you continue.

If help is not running, start it with the following command:


Thank you for choosing After Dark.