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+++ title = “Trim Color” description = “Define the color used to display borders around your site.” categories = [“customizing”] tags = [“color”, “style”, “branding”] features = [“code highlighter”, “snippets”, “related content”] +++

Trim color can sometimes affect how a browser or OS chooses to display the site. In {{< external href=“” text=“Brave” />}} adjusting trim color affects the appearance of the location bar. By default trim color is set to background color of the current Display Variant.

Define trim color in your Custom Styles by declaring the --trim-color variable inside a :root selector at the top of the file:

{{< highlight css “linenos=inline” >}} :root { --trim-color: firebrick; } {{< /highlight >}}

Reuse the variable to maintain consistency throughout your custom styles:

{{< highlight css “linenos=inline,linenostart=4” >}} nav { background-color: var(--trim-color); } {{< /highlight >}}

See {{< external href=“” text=“Using CSS variables” />}} for help using CSS variables.