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+++ title = “Custom Styles” description = “Modify theme styles for complete design control.” categories = [“customizing”] tags = [“color”, “style”, “branding”] features = [“code highlighter”, “snippets”] +++

After Dark uses {{< external href=“” text=“Hugo Pipes” />}} to enable customization of theme styles using CSS. Left unmodified the following custom styles are provided by default:

{{< highlight css “linenos=inline” >}} {{< include “themes/after-dark/assets/css/custom.css” >}} {{< /highlight >}}

Adjust them from custom.css in the site assets/css directory:

├── archetypes
├── assets
│   └── css
│       └── custom.css
├── content

If the file doesn’t exist yet, copy it from the theme default:

$ mkdir -p assets/css
$ cp themes/after-dark/assets/css/custom.css assets/css

Then open the file and begin editing, or remove it to restore default styles.