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+++ title = “Fractal Forest” slug = “fractal-forest” description = “BPG Image Format add-on module for After Dark.” summary = “BPG Image Format (Preinstalled).” categories = [“addon”] tags = [“module”, “images”, “graphics”, “installation”, “performance”] features = [“related content”, “snippets”, “section menu”] copyright owner = “Josh Habdas” date = “2019” license = “agpl-3.0-or-later” +++

BPG Image format Homepage: {{< external “” />}}
Module Source: {{< external “” />}}



{{% hackcss-alert type=“info” %}}Note: Module pre-installed via Quick Install with example in post archetype.{{% /hackcss-alert %}}

Choose a module download source:

Extract module contents into site themes directory:

├── static
└── themes
    ├── after-dark
    └── fractal-forest

Specify module in site config:

{{< highlight toml “linenos=inline,linenostart=6” >}}

Controls default theme and theme components

theme = [ “fractal-forest”, # sequence before “after-dark” “after-dark” ] {{< /highlight >}}

See {{< external href=“” text=“” />}} to confirm you’re using the minimum required version of After Dark; and module setup, configuration and usage instructions. If you need help you may {{< external href=“” text=“Submit an Issue” />}} with your question.