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+++ title = “Last Modified” description = “Help visitors understand when posts were last modified.” categories = [“experience”] tags = [“publishing”, “expired”, “future”, “posts”, “date”, “time”] features = [“code highlighter”, “snippets”, “related content”] copyright owner = “Josh Habdas” date = “2019” license = “agpl-3.0-or-later” +++

Denote posts with substantive changes or simply draw older, more relevant posts closer to the top of the listings with last modified.

Modifications will be made obvious to visitors with a visible callout in post summaries and the original publish date will be kept intact in the Post Bylines.

For robots, making this change will automatically update Schema Structured Data, RSS feeds and the lastmod setting in your {{< external href=“https://gohugo.io/templates/sitemap-template/” text=“Sitemap” />}}.

Adjust last modified by adding a publishdate to post {{< external href=“https://gohugo.io/content-management/front-matter/” text=“Front Matter” />}} and updating the date to the date and time you would like to show for the modification.

You can be specific and use a datetime (with timezone offset) like:

date = "2017-02-02T01:20:56-06:00"
publishdate = "2016-11-21T10:32:33+08:00"

Or less specific and use just the dates:

date = "2017-02-02"
publishdate = "2016-11-21"

It’s also possible to set future and expiry dates for content in Hugo. To learn more see the documentation on {{< external href=“https://gohugo.io/getting-started/usage/#draft-future-and-expired-content” text=“Draft, Future, and Expired Content” />}}.