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  Josh Habdas 036ca9e2c6 refactor($layouts): remove unnecessary assignment 1 year ago
  czers 13b5566aab fix($layouts): remove duplicate descriptor from post image srcset 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 71759ec7ef feat($layouts): add post images 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 804442c8eb refactor($layouts): restore header post meta to block-level tag 2 years ago
  Josh Habdas 213ec63d26 Make single consistent with list 2 years ago
  Josh Habdas 34f14b53ee style(layouts): add file extensions for partials 2 years ago
  Josh Habdas 3a81fb183a Conditionally output comment feed wrapper tag 3 years ago
  Josh Habdas 4119921ecc Add smooth scroll for Table of Contents 3 years ago
  Josh Habdas 07e81255c6 Introducing Related Content. Closes #12 3 years ago
  Josh Habdas 4b7dca535e Make page more flexible 3 years ago
  Josh Habdas 57432839a2 Fix publish date issue and improve TableOfContents 3 years ago
  Josh Habdas ac0282801f Add post reading times and last modified 3 years ago
  Josh Habdas cea148ae7b Add collapsable TOC for posts 3 years ago
  Josh Habdas 62e518f0b5 Enhance and dry up lists, add description to posts 3 years ago
  Josh Habdas 32dbcd7004 Add Disqus, OpenGraph and Schema Structured Data 3 years ago
  Josh Habdas 28d0efcbe2 Initial commit 3 years ago