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docs: delete keybase 1 week ago
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docs(feature): finish remaining todo items 4 months ago
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docs(module/voyeur): remove erroneous note re: cookies 5 months ago
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docs(general): nix some linkrot identified 5 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): note more clearly italian translation 6 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): update hard-coded verify step 6 months ago
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feat(license): wtfpl -> agpl-3.0-or-later 7 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): add italian translation, update whitelist 7 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): add instructions for polish translation 8 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): add instructions for german translation 8 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): add feature and udpate verification script 9 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): update features 9 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): state official support for mar2019 xmr hardfork 9 months ago
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docs(modules/toxic-swamp): note planned support for march hard fork 9 months ago
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docs(module/fractal-forest): remove iframe demo and replace with external demo links 9 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): restore functionality of config generator with csp enabled 9 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): update i18n instructions 10 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): simplify setup, remove legal mumbo jumbo 10 months ago
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docs(module/voyeur): remove external demo 10 months ago
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docs(module/voyeur): add cookie warning 10 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): list greek, add base locale ids 10 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): complete a sentence 10 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): restore video and add cover image 10 months ago
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docs(help/features): add indonesia translation 10 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): remove alert in proxy section 11 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): expand scope of indemnity clause 11 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): add indemnity section 11 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): update features 11 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): update lang selection 11 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): remove old demo and simplify installation 11 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): update i18n info with lang selection logic 11 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): update features, installation and internationalization 11 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): add updated language settings 11 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): add automatic language selection feature 11 months ago
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docs(module/toxic-swamp): update features 11 months ago
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docs(help/modules): update mod:toxic-swamp description, summary 11 months ago
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docs(help/modules): add toxic swamp translation feature 11 months ago
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docs(help/modules): add general features to toxic swamp 11 months ago
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docs(modules/toxic-swamp): add monero ocean dashboard screenshot 11 months ago
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docs(help/modules): update miner connection activity figure 11 months ago
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docs(help/modules): update toxic swamp figure 2 11 months ago
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docs(help/modules): add table captions and copy edit 11 months ago
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docs(help/modules): update toxic swamp custom proxy 11 months ago
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docs(help/modules): update toxic swamp proxy instructions 1 year ago
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docs(help/modules): update proxy creation instructions and rewards info 1 year ago
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feat(layouts/shortcodes): add select shortcode, docs and example use 1 year ago
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docs(help/modules): add and refine toxic swamp features 1 year ago
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docs(help/module): add toxic swamp features 1 year ago
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docs(help/general): hone in on the target market 1 year ago
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docs(help/home): update copy given new description 1 year ago