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  Josh Habdas 03df2ebf79
docs(feature): finish remaining todo items 5 months ago
  Josh Habdas 0c58c48785
docs(general): nix some linkrot identified 6 months ago
  Josh Habdas 1a7a2a9507
feat(license): wtfpl -> agpl-3.0-or-later 8 months ago
  Josh Habdas 4e0016e244
docs(feature/svg-favicon): update h5bp link 11 months ago
  Josh Habdas 9892633531
refactor(feature/svg-favicon): use grid shortcode for examples 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 20a1f6429c
refactor(feature/svg-favicon): swap grid html for shortcode 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 6a14c9f737
docs(help/feature): update svg favicon with example and build links 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas d2dadcda9b
docs(help/home): add wtfpl logo to homepage & add logo animation 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas ef25e001da
feat(help): multipage help docs 1 year ago