86 Commits (master)

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  Josh Habdas 49f5c56767
feat(feature/featured-posts): allow featured items in posts section 3 months ago
  Josh Habdas 59cebcbe3a
fix(bin/upgrade): properly detect current theme version, if present 3 months ago
  Josh Habdas 67a080fcea
fix(bin/install): resolve shellcheck warns for improved portability 4 months ago
  Josh Habdas 1a7a2a9507
feat(license): wtfpl -> agpl-3.0-or-later 6 months ago
  Josh Habdas 7e438adddf
feat(feature/security): add content security policy 9 months ago
  Josh Habdas 0c468a58f3
feat(feature/section-menu): add support for multiple nav menus 9 months ago
  Josh Habdas 90a1999e61
docs(bin/install): remove superfluous text when creating welcome post 10 months ago
  Josh Habdas f849577749
chore(scripts/install): remove deprecated config option 11 months ago
  Josh Habdas 446f6f8ee8
feat(layouts/*): add cookie disclaimer 11 months ago
  Josh Habdas db3216df5d
feat(scripts/upgrade): prompt for update if metadata cannot be found 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas f7f2849da0
fix(scripts): add || to server shutdown 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 9578fe018f
refactor(scripts): move set statement after function declarations 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas b851b0bab1
fix(onboarding): add explicit site port setting in install script 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 3447556782
fix(onboarding): serve site not help when starting site from installer 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 34ce45ae55
feat(onboarding): streamline installation 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas fb3c8742c0
refactor(scripts/install): update install instructions and post archetype 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas a8e18c59ba
fix(help/home): add performance info & undocumented features 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 87feadc95b
fix(scripts): automatically stop running help servers on upgrade 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas d8519df3d5
fix(fix install error for missing docs themes dir): 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas ef25e001da
feat(help): multipage help docs 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 52384e5ade
refactor(scripts): highlight only the success message upon install 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 17f67e01fa
refactor(scripts): update default base url 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 082f1be6ec
fix(scripts): always regnerate help docs 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 43d87cb006
docs(scripts): show previous version when upgrading 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 6792cd79ba
fix(scripts): resolve help doc path lookups when no custom content dir 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 0049586aad
fix(scripts): remove help before generating on upgrade 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas f84cd40e55
fix(scripts): address error generating docs after upgrade 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas a573640b04
fix(scripts): resolve tar cd issue 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 0b349ed162
fix(scripts): resolve syntax bugs in script 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 04d3a0be2b
docs(upgrade): update instructions 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas c9a5c3aa4d
feat(scripts): add theme upgrade script 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 5e89f6d8ea
fix(scripts): update install to place theme metadata in theme data folder 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas e72e914067
feat(scripts): support custom content dirs in config file 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas d587659c84
docs(install): add donation link 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas fc93864ba4
feat(help): update and run help anytime using included script 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 9ca386237e
fix(install): wait 1 second before serving help for docs to expire 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 7e424bd6e6
fix(install): remove unexpected line in theme config 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas e7625da96a
feat(install): faux install validation using npm sha512 digest 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas a16791e90b
refactor(install): stop using lsof 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas b7df91a364
fix(install): stop copying all archetypes to site 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas f63b5ff949
refactor(install): simplify install messages 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 79838ed506
feat(install): provide welcome post with online help 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 4f7af96cff
fix(bin): remove preview script 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 3218ce2363
fix(install): restore android support 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 70d2bfc063
feat(layout,install): add automatic syntax highlighting 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas e9f3fc3b5b
chore(install): remove unused config 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 9e597f9eea
docs(install): update personalization 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 5e8724740f
refactor(install): update first post title 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 7075c82272
fix(install): move kill command to eof 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 7d32e9239d
refactor(preview): set trap only when needed 1 year ago