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  Josh Habdas 425ad87fe1
docs(archetypes/post): remove superfluous word 3 months ago
  Josh Habdas 494f0bb34f
refactor(archetypes/post): default new sites, new posts to cc-by-nc-sa 5 months ago
  Josh Habdas bd90709604
refactor(archetypes): inherit copyright info from config 6 months ago
  Josh Habdas 1a7a2a9507
feat(license): wtfpl -> agpl-3.0-or-later 7 months ago
  Josh Habdas 630d3a9339
fix(fuzzy-search): handle search layout hotkey assignments properly 7 months ago
  Josh Habdas f429c4ade2
feat(fuzzy-search): add ability to assign arbitrary hotkeys 7 months ago
  Josh Habdas 7e438adddf
feat(feature/security): add content security policy 9 months ago
  Josh Habdas 9b3d7b4c5a
docs(help/onboarding): rename quick installer and improve usability 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas b851b0bab1
fix(onboarding): add explicit site port setting in install script 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 34ce45ae55
feat(onboarding): streamline installation 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas fb3c8742c0
refactor(scripts/install): update install instructions and post archetype 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 0d65b6a1f5
fix(archetypes): fix broken links in post archetype 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas c488a1219b
fix(archetypes): prevent internal links from opening in new window 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas fd6dd8d393
fix(archetypes): close tag body on last external shortcode 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 47071fe44f
fix(archetypes): default posts to display as published content 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas ef25e001da
feat(help): multipage help docs 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 7a669ef0ac
feat(layouts/search): and placeholder and allow basic customization 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas e15806519c
fix(help): rename 404 to error page 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas a333be4c79
feat(shortcodes): add navmenu navigational aid 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas e01190a612
docs(help): shorten module version alt text 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 79de41ae20
docs(help): update introduction content 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 5e89f6d8ea
fix(scripts): update install to place theme metadata in theme data folder 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas cdff0fab1c
refactor(help): remove external image requests 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 848cd3344e
feat(snippets): add external link snippet 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas c6fca73787
refactor(help): update query string param name 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas fc93864ba4
feat(help): update and run help anytime using included script 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas e7625da96a
feat(install): faux install validation using npm sha512 digest 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 815d5897a2
refactor(archetypes): disable autocomplete in online help validation input 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 02782164fd
fix(install): remove useful snippets content 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 79838ed506
feat(install): provide welcome post with online help 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 17d96aa043
docs(install): remove spurious text 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 9d438fef24
feat(install): add installation challenge 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 5ee0c41ad4
docs(install): add example form to intro post 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 4d790e2374
docs(archetypes): simplify intro post 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 76b9cfd430
feat(modules): add fractal forest module for bpg image format support 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas f29e038ad4
docs(archetypes): update post-install instructions 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 5280a852a4
docs(install): update post archetype 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas f4765611c7
fix(install): update default open graph image 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas bbf177216c
docs($theme): update links and switch to btc license 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 5e09d5f5b7
docs($archetypes): add more info about bpg image format 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 4bd2b1caab
refactor($archetypes): update outbound hugo doc urls 2 years ago
  Josh Habdas 56d86d37e1
feat($archetypes): turn archetypes into go templates 2 years ago
  Josh Habdas 19b4c0dd1d
docs(README): add more info regarding bpg image format 2 years ago
  Josh Habdas 3976ec0fac
feat($theme): add support for bpg image format 2 years ago
  Josh Habdas e5e955f005
chore(archetypes): remove congratulatory message from post archetype 2 years ago
  Josh Habdas 17d2152aee
docs(archetypes): improve first-time user experience 2 years ago
  Josh Habdas 624ac3260c
Fix publish date issue and improve TableOfContents 2 years ago
  Josh Habdas ceba4d4d40
Add collapsable TOC for posts 2 years ago
  Josh Habdas 33403a4152
Initial commit 3 years ago