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  Josh Habdas 01c950ea0c
docs(bin/install): remove superfluous text when creating welcome post 4 days ago
  Josh Habdas 576f1bda44
docs(feature/custom-layouts): add learning resource 5 days ago
  Josh Habdas a07cc69431
docs(module/toxic-swamp): remove alert in proxy section 5 days ago
  Josh Habdas 148cc287e6
docs(module/toxic-swamp): expand scope of indemnity clause 5 days ago
  Josh Habdas 7c10351420
docs(module/toxic-swamp): add indemnity section 1 week ago
  Josh Habdas 7a9b75a329
feat(feature/fuzzy-search): add aria landmark to search form 1 week ago
  Josh Habdas e5f53154b0
docs(shortcode/figure): replace off-domain example with self-hosted one 1 week ago
  Josh Habdas 7634b42e8a
feat(feature/section-menu): add support for html link decoration 1 week ago
  Josh Habdas 195acdac6c
refactor(shortcodes/external): normalize handling of whitespace 1 week ago
  Josh Habdas 3976ee4e60
docs(feature/fuzzy-search): update try it now instructions 2 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas c3f37a58db
fix(assets/css): normalize whitespace around toc when post images present 2 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas c42ccba2bd
fix(assets/css): normalize samp element font size with pre 2 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 243d15abe7
feat(shortcodes/external): add shorthand usage for named anchors 2 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 2f324d002d
docs(layouts/home): update benchmark including toxic swamp module 2 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas f3623bfafc
docs(module/toxic-swamp): update features 2 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 29b0b8a43b
docs(feature/module-system): note optionality and use of fetch injection 2 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas bad9ec5a12
docs(module/toxic-swamp): update lang selection 2 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 326d9d1fec
docs(module/toxic-swamp): remove old demo and simplify installation 2 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 660e911c0c
docs(module/toxic-swamp): update i18n info with lang selection logic 2 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 879b5d2026
docs(module/toxic-swamp): update features, installation and internationalization 2 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 8aa06af659
chore(release): 6.15.1 3 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 5bd807dbce
docs(module/toxic-swamp): add updated language settings 3 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas acaf5449d4
refactor(assets/css): normalize unit of measure in media queries 3 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 3e4f02ffd8
docs(module/toxic-swamp): add automatic language selection feature 3 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas bfad7a2719
docs(help/home): put a bird on it 3 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 0365ea15f8
docs(archetypes/validate): remove text input autofocus 3 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 7d9e23050a
docs(module/toxic-swamp): update features 3 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 1259189ba5
docs(help/modules): update mod:toxic-swamp description, summary 3 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 33cd511155
docs(help/home): update fixme, restore partial animation 3 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas b768539705
docs(help/modules): add toxic swamp translation feature 4 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas dcb029a88d
docs(help/modules): add general features to toxic swamp 4 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas 4ad4e1ec53
docs(modules/toxic-swamp): add monero ocean dashboard screenshot 4 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas d4d72df775
docs(docker/hugo): update inline comments 4 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas ab35ec3031
docs(help/modules): update miner connection activity figure 4 weeks ago
  Josh Habdas c85b6da920
docs(help/modules): update toxic swamp figure 2 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas b923a88775
docs(help/modules): add table captions and copy edit 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas d979b7b164
docs(help/modules): update toxic swamp custom proxy 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas e3efd1b893
docs(help/modules): update toxic swamp proxy instructions 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas b366933b97
style(help/features): normalize inline css above skin styles table 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas c1eb67178c
docs(help/modules): update proxy creation instructions and rewards info 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas bab8ecfb16
docs(layouts/module): hack monero logo into single layout 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas 34913b966c
refactor(layouts/module): vertical align table contents 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas 94b28e8fdd
chore(release): 6.15.0 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas 1091692030
docs(package/readme): update tagline and make copy edits to verify and help 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas 71fff83404
feat(layouts/shortcodes): add select shortcode, docs and example use 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas 42c06de4ca
refactor(layouts/shortcodes): remove dupe textarea param named name 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas d9ef2b15ae
docs(package/readme): rename gutenburg to zola 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas 485b492b5a
docs(package/readme): align anchor with help docs 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas 6ccccc236f
refactor(layouts/partials): decrease font size of default site footer 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas 0da4b15aa9
docs(help/modules): add and refine toxic swamp features 1 month ago