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  neil 5398bac533
Merge pull request #2823 from acmesh-official/dev 1 day ago
  neil 9984a168cb
Merge pull request #2822 from xiaohuilam/patch-1 1 day ago
  neil 286f3713b0
Merge pull request #2816 from netpok/patch-2 1 day ago
  Xiaohui Lam ff9be30f86
resolved #2818 2 days ago
  netpok 34cebe8c0c
Fix invalid domain error on dns_cf update 3 days ago
  neil 808d1af578
Merge pull request #2777 from ThiloGa/dev 5 days ago
  neil d0995665a3
Merge pull request #2808 from ucando/dev 5 days ago
  ucando 6132af8ecb enable qiniu to deploy more than one domain 1 week ago
  neil 2e9c4914a8
Merge pull request #2807 from acmesh-official/dev 1 week ago
  neil bf0d513e5b
Merge pull request #2798 from oliverblaha/dev 1 week ago
  neil 2be435ff32
Merge pull request #2802 from luoch/patch-1 1 week ago
  罗诚 20ba820253
Update dns_dp.sh 1 week ago
  neil 44fd332965
Merge pull request #2799 from PaloAltoNetworks/fix-panos-data-format 1 week ago
  Brian Torres-Gil 0453d656d6 fix(deploy/panos): data format improvements 1 week ago
  Oliver Blaha cb7e38577d add support for upgrade from tag 1 week ago
  ThiloGa bc2ed602e7 deleted txt entry routine by request of namemaster.de, entry is deleted automatically 1 week ago
  ThiloGa a1c4d159dd further shellcheck fixes 1 week ago
  ThiloGa 598f29b78e doing shellcheck staff 1 week ago
  ThiloGa f61f2d6e5e adaptations to the new api functions 1 week ago
  neil 1e34ccbe2e
Merge pull request #2782 from lippertmarkus/feature-deployhook-synology-otp 2 weeks ago
  neil 3d81641139 fix format 3 weeks ago
  Markus Lippert fd64c20807 store device ID 3 weeks ago
  Markus Lippert 80f1034dd6 add OTP support 3 weeks ago
  neil 902c08e9c9 Merge branch 'dev' of https://github.com/acmesh-official/acme.sh into dev 3 weeks ago
  neil ea652c023e fix https://github.com/acmesh-official/acme.sh/issues/2778 3 weeks ago
  ThiloGa 3c79bb77db fixing travis-ci warnings SC2086: Double quote to prevent globbing and word splitting. 3 weeks ago
  ThiloGa d8dbb85946 small fixes 3 weeks ago
  ThiloGa 20702d26ec fixing https://github.com/koalaman/shellcheck/wiki/SC2181 problems 3 weeks ago
  ThiloGa 7d7e9501fa fixing https://github.com/koalaman/shellcheck/wiki/SC2181 problems 3 weeks ago
  ThiloGa efef76d9cf fixed typo 3 weeks ago
  ThiloGa e1e1ee31f0 Dont use $? directly anymore 3 weeks ago
  ThiloGa 142ca58d38 removed some unused Vars 3 weeks ago
  ThiloGa 3b01bf7bda removed the probably last blank line 3 weeks ago
  ThiloGa 30416f54d1 Fixes for Travis CI 3 weeks ago
  ThiloGa f21ef0d2e9 add support for namemaster.de 3 weeks ago
  neil 39ced21a6f
Merge pull request #2198 from pipedrive/Add-AWS_API-slowrate 3 weeks ago
  neil 0f24417cb3
Merge pull request #2769 from ianw/update-account-json 3 weeks ago
  neil f84a87f2a2 remove DEFAULT_DNS_SLEEP. 3 weeks ago
  neil d437d6fde9
Merge pull request #2770 from acmesh-official/dev 4 weeks ago
  neil 69b11575e3 add clearlinux 4 weeks ago
  Ian Wienand 72e1a1b2e9 Update account.json on account update 4 weeks ago
  neil de9eac760b
Merge pull request #2754 from acmesh-official/dev 1 month ago
  neil 12ad8d52ae
Merge pull request #2753 from nobbs/fix_docker_deploy 1 month ago
  alex 22f9a3b467 Fix error on docker deploy command with spaces. 1 month ago
  Stephane Moser b64f0ba83f Update usage of AWS_DNS_SLOWRATE 1 month ago
  neil b73b078705
Merge pull request #2719 from qwqVictor/dev 1 month ago
  neil 887fa8649b
Merge pull request #2670 from sreyemnayr/fix-pfsense-linode 1 month ago
  neil f6172d7273
Merge pull request #2690 from nstepa/dns_yandex 1 month ago
  neil c70681712d
Merge pull request #2746 from acmesh-official/dev 1 month ago
  neil 80ca6de531
Merge pull request #2728 from artooro/master 1 month ago