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  neil 71a5f0e84e
Merge pull request #3000 from acmesh-official/dev 1 week ago
  neil fb22ee94d9
Merge pull request #2917 from mdbraber/lexicon_output_fix 3 weeks ago
  Maarten den Braber f03904ebce change to --output QUIET 3 weeks ago
  neil 60e04b9065
Merge pull request #2961 from DerVerruckteFuchs/master 1 month ago
  DerVerruckteFuchs 025da92450 Handle case insensitivity for HTTP/1.1 headers. 1 month ago
  neil 5de4aa091b
Merge pull request #2962 from grindsa/retry-after-fix 1 month ago
  grindsa 1fe8235a85 Update acme.sh 1 month ago
  DerVerruckteFuchs 0ab14399ae Fix broken grep so that One984HOSTING_COOKIE actually gets set, and isn't left empty. 1 month ago
  neil 15dded712c fix retry 1 month ago
  neil 8837f7e6e8
Merge pull request #2929 from PMExtra/dev 1 month ago
  neil e8defd821a update readme 1 month ago
  neil 5d6effeff5
Merge pull request #2955 from dandv/patch-2 1 month ago
  Dan Dascalescu 427c278012
Fix sloppy English 1 month ago
  PM Extra a78a09f594 Support multiple servers for SSH deployment. 1 month ago
  neil 59fd48cfe2 support Retry-After header 1 month ago
  neil cc78ab4855
Merge pull request #2923 from mdbraber/add-provider-transip 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber 063562261e Fix string truncation for POSIX 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber 70619dd0b7 Remove debugging 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber 63031fb278 bugfixes 1 month ago
  neil 7f924a56b3
Merge pull request #2950 from acmesh-official/revoke 1 month ago
  neil 114f2a1465 fix https://github.com/acmesh-official/acme.sh/issues/2880 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber 5d2777634a Fix forgotten then 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber 2d5b4a0003 Change if-statement for private keys to more portable version 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber adfa1704e2 Update nonce calculation to use acme.sh methods instead of openssl 1 month ago
  neil ab3fd6be8f
Merge pull request #2942 from gassan/dns-hetzner 1 month ago
  neil 47702d075e
Merge pull request #2945 from ianw/rax-lookup 1 month ago
  neil 341f000b9c
Merge pull request #2947 from kref/patch-1 1 month ago
  kref 0deea53931
fix octal escapes for printf %b format 1 month ago
  Ian Wienand 8b3d792bec dns_rackspace: search for domain 1 month ago
  Gassan Gousseinov b82c48b66f shfmt 1 month ago
  Gassan Gousseinov fa91516dce added dnsapi/dns_hetzner.sh 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber 4954b44d8e Remove default key file (leave it to the user to explicitly specify) 1 month ago
  neil d132e51ac7
Merge pull request #2922 from QDaniel/QDaniel-patch-INWX 1 month ago
  neil 243b6ae985
Merge pull request #2931 from dvaerum/dev 1 month ago
  neil 8780ba3626
Merge pull request #2935 from tresni/synology_dsm 1 month ago
  Brian Hartvigsen 694194be2f
Shellcheck fix 1 month ago
  Brian Hartvigsen c7f61f8b80
Allow rotating the default certificate which has no description 1 month ago
  Brian Hartvigsen 3a7c7fe4e8
Fix shellcheck issues 1 month ago
  Brian Hartvigsen 668967a719
If SYNO_Create is not set here, print the nice message 1 month ago
  Brian Hartvigsen d15c14ab93
Fix support for wget 1 month ago
  Brian Hartvigsen 52b81608a1
need to _url_encode anything sent in GET requests 1 month ago
  Dennis Vestergaard Værum 048f754d83 Bug fix: DNS TXT entries will now be removed for dns_gdnsdk.sh 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber d5ef3a3f8c Formatting issues 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber e768e285ce Remove extra newline 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber a102d775b2 Formatting issues 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber 65e82b03ad Fix CI errors 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber 80a636bd14 Fix extra space 1 month ago
  Maarten den Braber a4c57ee363 Add TransIP provider 1 month ago
  QDaniel 94bf54e7e0
INWX fix Domain Limit #1491 1 month ago
  neil b18ce5ade0
Merge pull request #2872 from honzahommer/feat/notify-teams 1 month ago