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Chocobozzz 8c6781e956
Fix pagination in my videos page
8 months ago
app Fix pagination in my videos page 8 months ago
assets Add default playlist image 9 months ago
environments Add automated dev setup using Gitpod 9 months ago
locale Update translations 8 months ago
sass No border radius for thumbnails on small screens 9 months ago
shims NoImplicitAny flag true (#1157) 1 year ago
standalone Add ability to disable tracker 9 months ago
hmr.ts Update changelog 1 year ago
index.html Improve channel and account SEO 11 months ago
main.ts Fix client with google bot 11 months ago
manifest.webmanifest Fix default homepage in web application 1 year ago
ngsw-config.json Fix refreshing oauth token 1 year ago
polyfills.ts tslint update 9 months ago
tsconfig.app.json Refractor videojs player 11 months ago
typings.d.ts Better typings 1 year ago