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Chocobozzz cfde28bac3 Add ability to report account 3 days ago
e2e Cleanup E2E tests 2 months ago
src Add ability to report account 2 days ago
webpack Fix videojs 2 months ago
.gitignore Add generated files to gitignore to have a clean stage 8 months ago
.sass-lint.yml Remove husky 5 months ago
angular.json ar to ar-001 locale 1 week ago
browserslist Update angular 11 months ago
package.json Bumped to version v2.3.0-rc.1 6 days ago
proxy.config.json Fix redundancy exceeding the limit 11 months ago
tsconfig.app.json Support i18n build 5 months ago
tsconfig.json Use tslib in client 1 month ago
tslint.json Update Angular -> 8.2.0 11 months ago
yarn.lock Upgrade videojs hotkeys lib 2 weeks ago