3242 Commits (v1.3.0-rc.2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Chocobozzz ea0877b405
Bumped to version v1.3.0-rc.2 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz f2c6d11bd8
Update changelog 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 63dc589865
Fix video views 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz ac3d2e0569
Fix blacklist sort 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz b9dde7d96b
Fix thumbnails in video blacklist list endpoint 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 8c6781e956
Fix pagination in my videos page 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 4550872bcc
Relax activity validation 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz b767c4a74a
Fix reordering playlist 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 1c8ddbfaa0
Reset playlist add component when video changes 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 67c687236f
Fix playlist block with theater player 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz ab5f9ed86e
Remove unnecessary CSS in menu 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 97567dd81f
Merge branch 'master' into develop 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 56ba489f67
Changelog typo 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 3fbbadabea
Bumped to version v1.3.0-rc.1 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz ac043122ae
Fix e2e tests 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 6565916605
Use HLS by default if enabled 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 39e6a5cbec
Document how I do releases 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 2888c12b3b
Add doc on how to add a new language to peertube 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 02ba613049
Update translations 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 26aef7c3fe
Add singular/plural tip for translation 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 2ed67a7dd2
Prepare 1.3 RC1 changelog 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz a8fec4e749
Fix zh-Hant-TW build 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 4da22f64e7
Lazy load dropdown info on click 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 9d1603d36b
Fix russian build 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 3db9fadca7
Relax activity validation 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 241c3357d1
Fix account description error 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz b59f12b095
Fix client build 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 187a00f085
Fix hotkeys div overflow 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 1acd784cf9
Fix playlists with unauthenticated users 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 72675ebe01
Move video watch playlist in its own component 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 722bca907b
Fix component reuse on channel/account videos 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 19041ac885
Update credits 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz d8cfccfbc4
Fix greek label 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz e31e60151f
Add japanese support 8 months ago
  Chocobozzz 64545a834b
Fix top menu dropdown 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz 743f023c53
Fix videos more dropdown position/loading 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz a18f275d30
Fix thumbnail when listing my videos 9 months ago
  Yohan Boniface c342726ad4 Allow to control RATES_LIMIT from configuration (#1787) 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz 4f0f2ab228
Fix createdAt/updatedAt issues 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz c28bcdd10a
Fix pleroma follow 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz c0e71e849a
Fix user notifications tests 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz 2b4dd7e26d
Fix optional privacy in upload endpoint 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz 47f6409bb8
Use apicache instead of our broken implementation 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz d0dba1fce6
Optimize video update page load 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz f3ae606caf
Wait config before loading login/signup 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz ad5718261d
Fix contact admin button overflow 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz 616a03d55e
No border radius for thumbnails on small screens 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz c1521ca3d7
Case insensitive login 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz 98000f10e7
Fix dropdown top menu on mobile 9 months ago
  Chocobozzz 71d00bfd7f
Fix explained privacies on first upload screen 9 months ago