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  Chocobozzz fe02503052 Merge branch 'develop' into 'develop' 19 hours ago
  Matthieu De Beule f6d51cfe2a Fix Ruby and Python REST API examples 19 hours ago
  Chocobozzz e8e09e27ff
Bumped to version v2.0.0 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz 8c8f00e00f
Forgot a mention in changelog 5 days ago
  Chocobozzz eeaeab4f90
Update changelog 5 days ago
  Chocobozzz d33338d71f
Optimize mascot images 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz f1d9b2d6bf
Fix start/stop of first element when loading a playlist 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz 4ba8469c0e
Pull translations 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz df73971f77
Regen translations 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz 5f697f3ddb
Add missing i18n tags 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz 959dbbd7bf
Avoid circular error in logger 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz 5d9e4eaabe
Add ability to enabled HLS in the admin panel 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz 41eac41b05
Fix typings 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz ebd316d142
Fix duplicated in CREDITS 1 week ago
  Florent F 71056d0008 Fix hours in peertube-import-videos 1 week ago
  Florent F 532ea1fe22 Remove unused function searchVideoWithPagination 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz bcd4cf0586
Fix remove end slash function 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz e128425b7b
Update translations 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz 3bec9284dc
Update contributors 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz 92ce62331e
Fix auto index follow 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz f0876a2c35
Add mascot in peertube about page 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz 4618b6867a
Update translations 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz 2377a7f3ce
Add mascot to configure warning modal 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz e81461950a
Increase 404 mascot size 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz 006b83927b
Add mascot in welcome modal 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz 767619f639
Add mascot to 404 page 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz 16fd7c4b86
Bumped to version v2.0.0-rc.1 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz 747b17c7c1
Fix openapi 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz 05f6669360
Fix changelog 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz cdbfcd8a94
Update changelog 2 weeks ago
  Claude 14a767eda5 fixed a typo in docker.md 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz ea1689e11c
Typo 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz 76cfb6ed8d
Update changelog 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz 42aac9fcfc
Fix player captions menu 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz f003ef1b54
Don't redirect on verify account page after login 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz f67d757452
Increase clock skew for HTTP signatures 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz 4ce7eb71ba
Add plugin hook on registration 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz 4586328858
Fix other videos width to avoid layout movement 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz 9ea6541488
Add class to views elements 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz a2ffd046d6
Speedup theme injection 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz ce78f1f6f0
More robust new instance follower notification 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz ab67d3e8fd
Update translations 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz 4e0c3c74d6
Fix translations 2 weeks ago
  Julien Maulny 0c695c5c96 Add a drag&drop delay on playlist videos to allow user scroll on small screens (#2154) 2 weeks ago
  Filip Bengtsson 34398be429 Some language fixes (#2198) 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz a82ddfad00
Fix lint 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz 862ead21a3
Fix and cleanup actor follow inbox sql query 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz 8ed11b89b8
Try to update version of nightly builds 2 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz 47581df073
Fix federation with some actors 3 weeks ago
  Chocobozzz a0e6d26759
Fix tsconfig with CLI tools 3 weeks ago