5304 Commits (develop)

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  Chocobozzz c492b05c48
Rebuild credits 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz 241c1a558c
Fix icon names 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz b96777c380
Fix twitter embed 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz 61c299eb24
Add ipad e2e test 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz d5cefc1fa5
Merge branch 'feature/e2e' into develop 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz 3efa3f4d35
Fix play overlay icon 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz 951b582f52
Add ability to share playlists in modal 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz 4891e4c77b
Regenerate translations 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz 956f0a814c
Merge remote-tracking branch 'weblate/develop' into develop 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz 189ab8deb3
Add ability to disable peertube button link in embed 1 day ago
  Tzafrir Cohen 32f6fdd49d Translated using Weblate (Hebrew) 3 days ago
  Tzafrir Cohen 967884dff9 Added translation using Weblate (Hebrew) 3 days ago
  Rigel Kent 0ec02c3ff7 Translated using Weblate (French (France)) 5 days ago
  Yury Bulka 545c90d94d Translated using Weblate (Ukrainian) 1 week ago
  Chocobozzz 193b9ba7c0
Fix loading bar color 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz 7f90579c04
Add playlist embed E2E test 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz 5ab7fd9da9
Save 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz be59656c82
Correctly error network errors in embed 1 day ago
  Chocobozzz 92d54714b9 Fix control bar on small screens 2 days ago
  Chocobozzz 4485dafb0e Fix playlist menu overflow 2 days ago
  Chocobozzz 6fad8e51c4 Handle playlist oembed 3 days ago
  Chocobozzz a75292db78 Align dock padding with playlist button 3 days ago
  Chocobozzz 9054a8b6e5 Handle playlist methods in embed api 3 days ago
  Chocobozzz 2a71d286ce Handle playlist position in URL 3 days ago
  Chocobozzz fb13852d30 Load all playlist elements 3 days ago
  Chocobozzz 1a8c2d74d1 Handle start at/stop at in playlist embed 3 days ago
  Chocobozzz 56674bb9f8 Handle unavailable videos in embed playlists 3 days ago
  Chocobozzz a950e4c82b Add previous button 3 days ago
  Chocobozzz 4572c3d0d9 Handle basic playlist in embed 3 days ago
  Chocobozzz 5abc96fca2 Add logic to handle playlist in embed 4 days ago
  Chocobozzz a4ff3100d3 Cleanup tokens logic in embed 2 days ago
  Chocobozzz a02b93ce75 Fix lint 2 days ago
  Chocobozzz d88c9eb9db Remove angular build warning 2 days ago
  Chocobozzz bd45d503e5 Reorganize shared models 2 days ago
  Chocobozzz 583eb04b54 Upgrade to angular 10 1 month ago
  Rigel Kent 4504f09f6e deal with refresh token in embed 5 days ago
  Rigel Kent 71ab65d02f decouple video abuse details from embed, add embed to block list details 1 month ago
  Chocobozzz a3b5e78af3 Analyze embed too with bundlewatch 2 days ago
  Chocobozzz 5c145fe7ab
Fix embed build 2 days ago
  Chocobozzz fc3b14e413
Limit github actions on PR 2 days ago
  Chocobozzz d632a14729 Test bundlewatch 3 days ago
  Chocobozzz c7a53f6121
Correctly finish upload before updating video 5 days ago
  Rigel Kent 9e8929d633
adjust help component, fix its instances in video-edit 3 days ago
  Rigel Kent 830c762bb6
reword intellectual property 1 week ago
  Rigel Kent 6863f814b0 special display case for logged-out users to display download in watch page 5 days ago
  Rigel Kent 9a42363291
correct column toggle z-index for user list 5 days ago
  Rigel Kent 7dba27a897
change travis badge to github actions badge 5 days ago
  kimsible a7eaeae1dc Fix regression blocklist-accounts icon in sub-title 5 days ago
  kimsible 8bed61815d Fix regression subscriptions icon in dropdown sub-menu 5 days ago
  kimsible d607fc2463 Fix regressions sub-menu titles on mobile-view 5 days ago